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Village Food Market

Deli Platters

Perfect for celebrations, sporting events, bringing to a party, or just having friends over to sit on the deck. Our delicious deli platters are made with the freshest and most seasonal ingredients whenever possible. We do our very best to make your eyes say "wow" and your taste buds say "yum"!

The symbol below is to show you roughly how many people the deli platter will feed.

Deli Fruit Platter
Deli Meat Platter
Deli Veggie Platter

Garden Veggie Platter
Includes Two Dips

REGULAR 10-20 $25.99
LARGE 20-25 $34.99
X Large 25-30 $45.99

Cheese Platter
Assorted/Any requests

REGULAR 15-20 $45.99
LARGE 20-25 $59.99
X Large 25-35 $75.99

Deluxe Meat Platter
Assorted Deli Cut Meats

REGULAR 15-20 $34.99
LARGE 20-25 $46.99
X LARGE 25-35 $75.99

Meat & Cheese Platter
Assorted Deli Meats & Cheeses

REGULAR 15-20 $45.99
LARGE 20-25 $59.99
X Large 25-35 $75.99

Fresh Fruit Platter
Best Available

REGULAR 15-20 $45.99
LARGE 20-25 $59.99
x Large 25-35 $75.99

Sandwich Platter

Our sandwich platters are made specially for you! Using your favourite type of bread(s) and fillings we'll create something special. Prices will vary with choices and amount of sandwiches requested.

Please call and we'll give you a quote. What a great way to feed a group!

All deli platters are made with you in mind. You can include any special requests or considerations when ordering your platter so it's perfect for you!

To place your order, or if you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone at 250-247-8755.

Village Food Market Deli