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Easter Colouring Contest 2018

We were thrilled to receive so many wonderfully artistic submissions for this year's Easter Colouring Contest! We appreciate all of the time spent by everyone for their submissions. It truly brightens up our store and we love the community involvement. So a giant THANK YOU to all those that helped make this such a fun event.

The Village Food Market staff have voted and posted below are the winning entries in their respective categories. You will also find below some amazing staff contributions which were not eligible for prizes but welcomed nonetheless!

Note: Two of the entries are missing because they were already collected by their owners!

5 Years Old and Under

1st Place: Julian

2nd Place: Hadley

3rd Place: Ethan

6 to 9 years old

1st Place: Abby

2nd Place: Leila

3rd Place: Reilly

10 to 13 years old

1st Place: Sadie (No image available)

2nd Place: Billy

3rd Place: Talie

14+ (including adults)

1st Place: Angela (No image available)

2nd Place: Allison

3rd Place: Frankie


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Bonus Staff Colourings!

Staff: Cindy

Staff: Brandy

Staff: Donna


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